HanchorBio Participated in Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA) Annual Conference 漢康生技參加美中製藥專業協會(SAPA)年會

FromSeptember 30th to October 1st, the 2022 Sino-AmericanPharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA) Annual Conference was held successfullyin Somerset, New Jersey, with the theme on “Creating Platforms forInnovation & Growth in Pharma & Biotech”. The conference invited over70 distinguished speakers from academia, industrial and regulatory agencyincluding 2021 Nobel Chemistry Laureate, Prof. David MacMillan, from PrincetonUniversity, attracted over 500 attendees for in-person meeting, and more than 300participants for the on-line meeting.

Atthe conference, HanchorBio presented the company’s proprietary Fc-baseddesigner biologics (FBDB) platform ledto biological products that targeting phagocytosis checkpoint blockade andincorporating both innate and adaptive immune responses to treat patients withcancer. During the conference, HanchorBio ended with dozens of one-on-one meetings with nationaland international partners and multiple possible leads for in-licensing,research collaborations, or commercial right out-licensing conducted by Dr. YiDu (Sr. Director of Business Development). These discussions mainly focused onadvancing science and innovation on the development of anti-tumorimmunotherapies to eliminate tumor immune escape.

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About Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professional Association (SAPA)

SAPA is a not-for-profit and non-political organization. Established in 1993 and headquartered in the center of the pharmaceutical corridor in New Jersey, SAPA rapidly became one of the most active Chinese American professional associations in the US. SAPA’s members are from pharmaceutical research and development as well as production. The organization’s large membership base and their superb scientific and technical abilities has allowed SAPA to be a key source for knowledge exchange on the latest developments in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and generic drug industries. Over the years, SAPA received generous sponsorship and support from numerous multinational companies in the US and overseas. SAPA will continue to provide a broad platform for scientific and technical discussion, talent exchange, and training for the colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry. 

For more information, please visit: https://sapaweb.org 

       9月30日至10月1日,2022年美中製藥專業協會(SAPA)年會在紐澤西州薩默塞市成功舉行。本次年會的主題是 "醫藥和生物技術企業的創新與發展創造平臺 "。今年大會的主講嘉賓陣容豪華,邀請了70餘位來自學術界、產業界以及監管機構的行業專家做主題報告, 其中包括2021年諾貝爾化學獎得主、普林斯頓大學的David MacMillan教授。同時本次年會吸引了500多名與會者參加現場會議,並有300多名與會者參加了遠端線上會議。

       在投資論壇專場,漢康生技進行了路演 (Roadshow) 報告,為與會者分享了公司專有的基於Fc具特殊設計構型的多功能創新生物藥(FBDB™)平臺,通過該平臺可以得到同時調動先天性和適應性免疫系統來治療癌症患者的生物製品。會議期間,漢康生技的杜軼博士(業務發展部高級總監)與來自國內外的潛在合作夥伴進行了數十場一對一會談,探討了不同合作方式的可能性。這些討論主要集中在如何推動腫瘤免疫療法的突破與創新以及開發下一代腫瘤免疫療法的領域。

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