FBDB™ platform

HanchorBio dedicates to develop biological medicines with simultaneous multi-targeting through a novel IgG Fc-Based Designer Biologics (FBDB™) platform. We aim to achieve the holistic effect of all participating modalities to overcome the shortcomings of the CPI therapies.

Innovative Research (Lead Discovery & Optimization)

  • Novel target research and evaluation
  • Antibody selections from hybridomas or phage library
  • Antibody & Protein engineering; Development of designer proteins
  • Development of in vitro and in vivo assays/models for evaluating the bioactivities of anti-cancer drugs
  • MOA studies

In Vivo Pharmacology Study

Establishment of various syngeneic, xenograft and humanized mouse models for evaluating the efficacy of anti-cancer drugs

Lab-Scale Process Development

  • Cell line development and RCB establishment
  • Cell culture process development and optimization 
  • Purification process development and optimization
  • Formulation development 
  • Assay method development
  • CQA, CPP determination

CMC and submission

  • Consideration of safety, quality and efficacy during development and CMC stages. 
  • Scale-up, technical transfer and method transfer ability
  • Readiness of technical documents for filing